If you are as devoted to the game of Cricket as we are... you might like to join "Cricketeers Club".

Cricketeers are dedicated to anything "Cricket" including the cause "WillowBlue" has taken up to rebuild the Australian Cricket Bat Willow Industry. 

We encourage everyone who has been in the service of the game as player, coach, umpire, scorer, groundsman, team manager and anyone like our number one man C. J. Dennis (CJ) to join our club.  

Our logo depicts CJ; arguably our greatest Poet, cricket player, umpire, scorer and administrator (Secretary of the Toolangi Cricket Club). There are many of you like CJ and we welcome you to join our efforts and those of other Cricketeers to help rebuild the cricket industry through the Cricketeers Pavilion Project (for further info click the link below). 

In honour of CJ we present one of his great works... 

"The Umpire".  

A. C. MacLaren

Loading the Harvest

Lloyd Callen with the 1st Clefts 

Ready for the Bat Maker

Our Mission

To re establish a Cricket Bat Willow industry in Australia.

Our Vision

To train and accredit Bat Makers and repairers to service local cricket communities.

Our Farming Principles are

Renewable,Sustainable, Environmental and Socio-economic 


Community B​at Makers

Australian Grown 

Australian Made

We Process & Dry T​imber 

We Train Bat Makers

We Export