Growers Wanted

We are in need of growers of Cricket Bat Willow in Australia to advance the industry. 

If you have suitable wet areas (creek or river flats) in the Yarra Valley and would like to put the area to useful purpose... you might be interested in our proposal.

  1. We will provide and plant WillowBlue English Willow at our cost.
  2. We will maintain the trees to maturity.
  3. At maturity we will harvest the trees and pay an agreed rental fee for the trees life.

WillowBlue root stock was chosen by A.C. MacLaren Captain of England after returning home from  the 1902 Test Series in Australia and posted by mail boat.

Demand for WillowBlue timber is increasing  year by year.

Our aim is to be in a position to offer our customers great quantities on a regular supplies basis.