We are growers of Cricket Bat Willow in Australia. Our trees are grown from stock chosen by A.C. MacLaren Captain of England in 1902 and sent to Australia in 1902.

We only supply Accredited Bat Makers or to Export Markets in the following mix of grade specifications 1, 2, & 3.

In most cases Cleft’s will be cut to the following sizes: Length 27 inches

Width 4.5” – 5.5”

Edge 1.75 - 2”

Apex 3.5“

We do not consider colour to be detrimental to the playing abilities of a cricket bat in fact our research proves that it enhances rebound.

We do not sell grade one timber on its own otherwise we would not have an industry.

enquiries to [email protected]

WillowBlue English Willow Grade 1

6 PLUS straight grains with natural colour guaranteeing rebound and lasting qualities, no specks or blemishes and

can come with some butterfly stain

WillowBlue English Willow Grade 2

6 PLUS straight grains with colour some specks or blemishes can come with Butterfly stain

WillowBlue English Willow Grade 3

6 PLUS grains mostly colour with can come with butterfly or tiger stain